Bill Vaughn

Thanks for the suggestion, I have many to bend but have had little success.  Hopefully will have time to try soon.

Bill Vaughn

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I have been a big fan of Pierre's ladders since they came out. At first (like many) I had some difficulty executing the bends. With practice I mastered this procedure. Properly placing the styles in the bending machine has also proven to be a challenge. Recently I am using Pierre's styles to improve the appearance of the ends of some USRA box cars.
I use the bent style over the cast on style on the outboard side. I shear off half of the style for the inner part. I use the bending tol for this clamping ithe half with the holes inboard and using the Micor Mark small saw to shear off the outer half.

This morning I learned that placing toe etching in the tool was easier if I did not remove it from the overall fret. You guys probably knew this all the time but kept this to yourself.

Sometmes a simple solution makes life so much easier

Bill Pardie

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