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Dave Parker

For those who are finding this thread tedious, I would politely suggest that you avail yourself of that little button labeled DELETE.  Your expression of disinterest does not really add anything to the conversation.

Speaking only for myself, I do find the nomenclature interesting because it reflects how the Cycs evolved (or not) over time, as well as how the safety appliance standards were phased into them. 

Regarding Bob Witt's comments, those terms (ladder rounds and ladder side rails) date to at least the 1903 Cyc, and likely earlier.  The same definition appears in the glossary section until at last 1922 (I am away from my 1931, but I would guess it's unchanged).

Starting in 1912, there is a long Safety Appliances section that is also located within the glossary section.  Here, the corresponding terms are ladder treads and stiles (no rungs).  It also gives all the relevant details concerning tread spacing, distance from the car-end, etc. that were required by the 1911 SAA .  Starting with the 1922, the SA section was moved into a separate section closer to the back of the book, and retains the tread-stile nomenclature.

This is not the first time that I have found an internal discrepancy in the MCB-ARA nomenclature.  They seemed reluctant to edit pre-existing text when they introduced new standards.  Of course they lacked word-processors, but I wonder if it actually had more to do with the effort of introducing minor legislative changes at the annual MCB/ARA meetings.

Dave Parker
Riverside, CA

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