Re: Running Boards Replacements (Sorry, No Ladder Talk In This Post)

Bill Welch

I am playing with Morton "Coarse Kosher Salt" sprinkling it on randomly—which I am finding to be very subjective, I mean how can one be intentionally random?!—then spritzing on water and letting it dry. This sort of tacks the salt on enough to stay on while airbrushing. Then take a fairly stiff brush and knock the salt off.

Finding a happy medium between too much and too little is subjective too. There are lot a of Videos on YuoTube about both salt and hairspray, which I have not tried yet. One source swore by the Morton "Coarse Kosher Salt" which is why I am using it. The 16oz. container will go a long way at my pace.

The Resin Car Works modeling blog has some photos of various modelers experiments. I strongly suggest people log onto YuoTube and check the various resources there. Lots of good stuff there by modelers of all kinds.

Bill Welch

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