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My comments come directly from company files but the logic would seem to apply to any railroad. WHY would anyone spend the time and effort to “count down” car quantities as I describe?

    My friend Steve Peery, who was part of the submission of SP entries to the ORER for several years, told me that they did their best to be accurate about the number of cars in service in EVERY number group. Of course it couldn't be exactly accurate, even at the date of submission, but they certainly did, as you say, "spend the time and effort." The same effort went into accurate dimensional data, so far as possible. The ORER has the character of a tariff and it is "required" that data be accurate, obviously within reasonable effort.

Do you agree that the data for cars not yet delivered needed to be in the RER before they could be offered for interchange? Would that be an accurate number of cars in service for that date?

      Steve told me that they would submit the number group and earliest delivery group size as soon as they knew it. Sometimes they got caught by the timing, and cars would go into service before the corrected ORER issue would be distributed. But they tried to have an advance indication.

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