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I should also like to point out that just because a group of older cars is listed in the ORER doesn't mean they actually in service.  News reports from the late '50s indicated huge numbers of cars owned by the northeastern railroads were in dead storage, never to used in revenue service again.  In 1958 one-quarter of the Pennsy's fleet was stored bad order.  That's a lot of freight cars!  So while sizable numbers of older classes were still listed in the Register, unless you model some old yard or nearly-abandoned branchline where all those miles of cars were stored, you probably don't need them.

Just sayin'....

Not sure that either the time, or the railroad, makes for a typical example.

The country was in an economic recession from August 1957 to April 1958 (one of the few times my dad, a construction worker, was laid off and didn't work through the winter). So, with traffic down, I'm sure a lot of roads were storing cars.

In the case of the PRR, the malaise that eventually resulted in the Penn Central debacle had already set in.

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