Re: GN USRA boxcars, was Re: What can I model?

Tim O'Connor

Thanks, I saw Todd's post, too. I had no information on the clones.

Does Accurail offer its USRA DS box car with 7/8 ends??

Thanks for the info about 45000-52999... (WHAT A HUGE NUMBER RANGE!)

In my very first attempt to buy mail order RESIN kits I wrote to Andy Carlson
maybe 25 years ago to try to order some GN rebuilds. (The GN had so many great
rebuilds and virtually nothing in resin is now available.) Anyway I failed Andy
had decided by then not to produce any more kits.

Tim O'

A couple of errors in your post. GN series 24994-25993 were not USRA design boxcars, as Todd Sullivan has pointed out, but "USRA clones" (how can clones be different?) with differences in the doors, door tracks, and most notably, the ends, which are 7/8 Murphy, not 5/5/5.

And the 27000-27799 series (famous for being the first Glacier Green cars) were rebuilt from 45000-52999 series boxcars, not USRA cars. The GN never rebuilt the USRA or USRA clones into steel boxcars. Examples from both series were rebuilt into stockcars in the 1950s, as the GN was retiring their older truss rod stock cars. Many others were sent to MOW service, lasting well into the BN era.

Bob Heninger
Minot, ND

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