rebuilt X29's (was re: 40 Year Old Cars)

Tim O'Connor

Does this mean that the PRR rebuilt "X29" box cars with NEW underframes? I ask because
many of the rebuilt X29 classes lasted into the late 1970's if not the 1980's - long past the 40
year old limit.

Tim O'Connor

I have a note (unfortunately without a reference) that says in 1974 a rule was enacted that prohibited cars in interchange
with underframes over 40 years old if built before July 1, 1974. Was there an earlier rule prohibiting cars (I assume based
on the age of their underframes) over forty years old in interchange?
Bob Chaparro


No, not that I'm aware of. The Soo Line still had one of their 1920 built boxcars listed in the ORER in 1971; 51 years of age.

Dennis Storzek

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