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Hello Bill & Tim:   Westerfield does not yet make the USRA clone with 7/8 ends, but the patterns for it are being worked on.  We will certainly make an announcement about this car when we get it ready.

Bill, you might be thinking of our #10400 Series kits for GN DS boxcars, but these are different than the USRA clone.

Thank You.
Andrew Dahm

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I am fairly certain that Westerfield offers the post-war 7/8 GN USRA clone.

I was one of the lucky ones with Andy Carlson's castings. I have his 50-foot steel rebuild using the old Walther's 50-ft SS underframe with fishbelly cnetersill. Mine is Orange & Green with DF and delineators. I also have two models since offered by Sunshine, the Pratt trussed SS 40-foot boxcar that built into a very nice model and one the GN's Plywood cars. This required Detail Associates 4/5 Dreadnaught ends and Red Caboose roof. Mine has orange sides and black ends and roof.

Bill Welch

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