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I can't speak for Brown and Haley, but I've done a lot of research on Hollywood Brands Candy in Centralia, IL. They made the $100,000 bar and I think the Zero candy bar.�

It was built in a large building that was previously an envelope factory.� It was served by the IC and it had it's own power plant.� I have a photograph of express reefers spotted at the plant in the era covered by this list.�� I have been unable to find out if they routinely shipped the product in express reefers though.� I don't know what the shelf life of the candy was in those days.� Perhaps it had to go by express service?

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The Milwaukee Road served the Brown & Haley candy factory in Tacoma, WA, a substantial building of maybe 5 stories and there is a partial picture of it on page 43 of A Northwest Rail Pictorial� II using pictures from Warren W. Wing.


Boxcars would have delivered bagged sugar and most other ingredients, though maybe a refrigerator car for creams.� The packaging materials would likely also be delivered by boxcars.� Assuming that this or other similar candy factories shipped out to small stores on line crates of candies, they likely would have gone REA, unless a large a distributor needed LCL service.� Flavorings could have moved via refrigerator cars returning for further loads.� Would cocoa beans be delivered in refrigerator cars acting as insulated boxcars returning to their home road?�


Would such factories have their own power plant or would they have used the local grid?� It could be a function of the age of machinery in the plant: steam v. electric?�


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