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I would think that cream would be locally sources and would arrive via a motor carrier and not on the rails. I also do not believe that cocoa beans would require insulated shipment. Most likely these are shipped in bags. If this was coming in off of freighters at the Port of Tacoma, these may also have been shipped via motor carrier. Not knowing exactly where the candy plant was/is in relationship with the port this could also be a rather short railroad move. 

As for utilities powering the plant, I will leave that up to those that know the territory better than I.

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The Milwaukee Road served the Brown & Haley candy factory in Tacoma, WA, a substantial building of maybe 5 stories and there is a partial picture of it on page 43 of A Northwest Rail Pictorial  II using pictures from Warren W. Wing.


Boxcars would have delivered bagged sugar and most other ingredients, though maybe a refrigerator car for creams.  The packaging materials would likely also be delivered by boxcars.  Assuming that this or other similar candy factories shipped out to small stores on line crates of candies, they likely would have gone REA, unless a large a distributor needed LCL service.  Flavorings could have moved via refrigerator cars returning for further loads.  Would cocoa beans be delivered in refrigerator cars acting as insulated boxcars returning to their home road?  


Would such factories have their own power plant or would they have used the local grid?  It could be a function of the age of machinery in the plant: steam v. electric?  


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