Tim O'Connor

Ok, Mark, you have me stumped. What does depreciation of cars have to
do with any of this?

Tim O'

 > Mark Landgraf wrote Monday, April 10, 2017 6:48 PM

 > I suspect the accountants may have driven the periodic changes in the
 > remaining cars in the fleet. While most of the cars that were coming off
 > the road were fully depreciated, there was still the need of the accountants
 > to know the periodic value of the whole fleet.


My reply was really directed to Ike's post but I had not seen it,
only your reply...

Anyway I thought of an EXCELLENT reason why ALL railroads were very interested
in the exact number of freight cars they owned - Per Diem! There had better be
an account of every single car's whereabouts at midnight every night and if they
were offline, the account had better be paid!


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