Re: Car Types for a Brown & Haley Candy Factory

Tim O'Connor

Yeah, but Hershey was a huge company, that ran their own car fleet. Hop in your time machine,
try ordering an RB from the local railroad and see what you get. Dennis Storzek


? Is that really the same question ? RB's were around in the 1930's for wine, beer, chocolate, and other
products. I don't know of any in railroad company service (were there XI's?)  but maybe there were some.

In the 1930's if you needed an insulated box car, you used a reefer most of the time. I think it was Tony (or
someone) who said that 20% or so of PFE carloadings were non-refrigerated items.

But a candy company could BUY Hershey's Chocolate - in fact, BULK cocoa and chocolates are definitely
types of product sold by Hershey's to third parties - chocolate OEM's if you will. These might arrive in HERX
RB insulated box cars.

Tim O'Connor

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