This is not a USRA boxcar!

gary laakso

The fine model that Bill is showing is from the World War II GN shops and is not a USRA DS box or a clone or a re-build of one.  It’s a new car!  The cars were a fine looking orange and black when new but that collected grime that showed far faster than any boxcar red or brown. 


Gary Laakso

south of Mike Brock


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Tim, here is photo of my GN Plywood model. Going on memory Andy only offered the doors and sides. In addition to DA ends it looks like I used their ladders. Mostly I used CDS Dry Transfers applied to decal substrait. An intersting detail on these cars was the used of drop grabs on the left end of the sides, the left end of which was a Bracket. For this part I used the now discontinued Overland bracket.



The other two models built from Andy's casting are also there if you look around.


Bill Welch


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