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Tom Vanwormer

If look back before 1900 outwest many of the railroads moved beer across the land in insulated box cars, actually reefers without ice bunkers.  These insulated cars had reefer type door and lots of kegs or containers with glass beer bottles and were very common here in Colorado. 

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Say WHAT?? There was no such thing as an insulated box car (i.e. RB bunkerless reefer) ???

I have shots of wood sheathed steam era Hershey's RB's. The "L" refers to loading devices, which
really came into their own with forklifts and pallets. Prior to that time loads were braced or packed in
such a way to avoid load shifting.

Tim O’

Dennis replied:

Yeah, but Hershey was a huge company, that ran their own car fleet. Hop in your time machine, try ordering an RB from the local railroad and see what you get.

This also emphasizes the importance of understanding assigned service.  While smaller companies might not have the financial ability to buy their own cars, if they had enough traffic to require cars, they might well enter into an agreement with a car owner to provide cars for them. As Dennis notes, RBs would be unlikely to be seen waiting assignment at a yard somewhere, but that certainly doesn’t preclude either their use or their presence.


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