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When did I say “The Southern did not care” about car data?

Now we have posts tying the data in RERs to railroad’s “accounting” practices! As I responded to someone last night, if the RERs were published quarterly and let’s assume it took 30 to 60 days to get updates into print, WHY would any railroads’ Accounting Department use RER car quantity information for depreciation, per diem, car trust data or much of anything else? Another email I received says, if it was published, it had to be EXACT…..really, three months later?

The accounting part entered the discussion, not because the accountants needed the ORER (or even knew it existed), but to point out that since the data was being collected for accounting purposes, it shouldn't have been any big deal to have the people putting the ORER update together use the same data, or perhaps the most current last complete set.

That to counter the general statement that railroads didn't care about the entries for older cars and didn't update the numbers. Maybe in some instances, on some roads. Stuff happens. I suspect the ORER was considered of lesser importance than the valuation reports... but the data was there.

Dennis Storzek

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