Earl Tuson

Four days ago, Dennis Storzek wrote,

I'm sure there were other instances of agents being asked to find cars with a specific dimension or other characteristic,
and having some idea how large the potential target population was would be useful.

Dwight Smith, former B&M Freight Sales employee, once shared a story regarding his efforts to locate a considerable
number of 50' double door box cars in order to forward on to the Suncook Valley Railroad in 1951 or so, for loading out the
machinery from the last remaining textile mill in Suncook Village for shipment to another location down south. His
complaint centered on the fact that while the significant effort required (presumably with ORER in hand,) in obtaining the
cars for the shipment fell to the B&M, and him in particular, the SV got a more favorable rate by directing the cars to be
shipped SV-B&M-(Worcester)-NYNH&H... rather than SV-B&M-(Mechanicsville)-D&H... or perhaps (Rotterdam Jct)-NYC...

Fifty years later, Dwight quipped something to the effect of, "We got shorthauled!"

Earl Tuson

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