Re: color MDT reefers in the '40s

Tim O'Connor

The last one, MDT 5242 - is 5721.

Also let's all try to remember this is a SCANNED image from FILM. So the
apparent "color" isn't gospel. The photos overall have a kind of "washed
out" look to them, so I'm not sure that all spectra were treated equally.

Tim O'Connor

Roger Hinman wrote :
The photo I'm referring to is LC-USW36-603 taken by Delano in Apr 43; there are four met cars side by side:
ERDX 9149, MDT 6382, MDT 17424, MDT 5242; MDT 6382 is the car that is freshly painted. The car was just over six years old at this time but had been released in late 1936 in the "white" scheme.

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