ID'ing a tank car

Steve and Barb Hile

I am looking for help, as usual.  I would like to ID a tank car in a photo of a train.  The car is relatively large (probably approx 10000 gallons total capacity) with two compartments.  It has a center dome and a dome of equal height and apparent diameter towards one end.  It appears to have the large Mobilgas script logo across the tank side and two ladders and separate dome platforms visible.  It is possibly an ACF built car, but at an oblique distant angle view, it is difficult to tell.
I find some likely candidates in WEOX 300-304, which are listed in a 1938 ORER and still listed in 1953.  They are not listed in 1930.  So, it is possible that these 5 were rebuilt to the two compartment configuration between 1930 and 1938.
Has anyone seen a photo of such a Mobilgas car?  Can someone with ORER's between 30 and 38 help pinpoint the date they first appear?
Thanks a bunch,
Steve Hile 

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