Re: Cabooses - Cabeese? NYC boxcar rebuilds.

Seth Lakin

Dennis wrote:
NYC rebuilt from boxcars during WWII...the class of boxcar they started with is almost (identical to) the new Accurail kit... it seems the easiest course of action would be to remove the sides entirely and replace them with Evergreen styrene "car siding." The channel side sill could be built up from styrene strip. Grandt Line has a selection of "camp car windows" that may be useful.
Exactly what I am working on right now. There were three versions that were rebuilt. One has the side doors with solid ends sometimes called a work train caboose or rider car. The other two had vestibule ends and opened steel ends, one with three side and no end window, the other only two side windows with a end window on the inside of the vestibule.

I have copies of NYC drawings for two of these versions. Titchy/Grandt Line outfit car windows are exactly the same size. Use the rectangle windows with vertical glazing bars removed for the sides and the square ones for the ends of the side door caboose.

While not specified in the drawings but hints that the cars received AB brakes at some time, which my models have.

What I was not able to locate is how many of each conversion was done, the series and how long they lasted. Either way look forward to my documentation of my conversions in a future NYCentral Modeler.

Also planned amid a large pile of other projects is using the Accurail 36' fishbelly frame to model a 20100 series lot 732 caboose.

Seth Lakin
Michigan City IN

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