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John Barry

You need not remove the straight line map or slogan from the other side as all of the steel box cars repainted after the introduction of the scheme, including the Bx-27s, were repainted that way. What the prototype did have that the IM model doesn't is the Duryea underframe. Most noticeable are the extended coupler pockets. The tabs are different than the standard ARA cars, then the underframe itself. Speedwitchmedia sells a Duryea underframe as a separate detail. Extended coupler pockets are the first order modification. Altering the tabs, second order, and fitting a replacement underframe gives you the full Monty.

I found all three classes of Duryea box cars coupled together in the background of a Santa Fe photo documenting the Ft-N modified to carry B-29 wings in the CSRM collection. Three increasing heights, distinctive tabs and wearing the Grand Canyon slogan on the Bx-26 and 27 with the SL map on the Bx-34. The photo was taken August 12, 1943. Close enough to May that others were likely repainted by then.


John Barry
Lovettsville VA

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1.  I acquired a box car (It looks like an IM model.)  It is lettered for Santa Fe with a herald on the left, and a straight line map on the right.  It has a 7-panel door and a Bx-27 designation.  It has 4/5 ends.  In my Santa Fe  box car book there are photos of the Bx-27 but with corrugated doors but without the map.  If I replaced the 7-panel door with a corrugated one with the right number of corrugations and deftly removed the map would this model work as a stand-in at least for the Bx-27?

2.  I have a Micro-Scale set 87-840 Hazardous Materials Placards.   Are these placards correct for my May 1943 modeling era?


Jared Harper
Athens, GA

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