Re: SP Overnight scheme


Richard Hendrickson wrote:
That's correct, John. The original black overnight paint scheme was
applied to B-50-24 class cars in the 97620-98069 series...
Richard forgets what I know he is well acquainted with: the ORIGINAL
scheme for the Overnight cars was all black with orange lettering and
striping, used before WW II.

I understand that's what T. Thomspon intends to
do if he ever gets what's left of his Coast Line layout reincarnated in his
attic in Berkeley. FWIW, the overnight cars weren't supposed to go
off-line, so they'd be out of place on any layout that didn't model the SP
Coast Line (though there is a well known M. D. McCarter photo of a nearly
new one at Peru, IN, so obviously there were occasional exceptions).
Hmmm. It may be a race whether it's Richard or me who first hosts an
operating session on his new layout. But until that happens, I would
classify comments such as these as pure speculation.
And the operative word in Richard's comment about off-line service is
"supposed," since clearly that wasn't always true.

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