Re: What Class Boxcar Was This UP Caboose Converted From?

Greg Martin

You are right and one thing to consider is the amount of weight the car will handle now and in the future.
Also the shear on the web passing through the window frame would be structurally fine if all the components are well secured, think of a staircase going through a set of floor joist.
What is of interest is the damage to the top of the collision post on the left side.
I wonder how long they lasted before going into MW services? Beautiful example of a rebuild.
Greg Martin
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Norman Maclean

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I find it interesting that the windows interrupt the Warren truss members... Aren't those supposed to be part of the weight carrying structure of the car?  I guess conductors didn't weigh as much as freight ;)

I also note two common additions to single sheathed cars, the metal straps between the truss members and the reinforcing pieces over the bottom ends of the truss members.


Bruce Smith

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