ADMIN : RE: Images on STMFC


Bill Keene writes:


The OS is OS X Yosemite, version 10.10.5. The e-mail software is Apple’s Mail, version 8.2 (2104). 


I set the insertion point within the body of the message and clicked on the “attachment” button  and chose the image from my files, then clicked on the “choose file” button. I also have the e-mail program set to “send windows-friendly attachments”. 


I do not know if this will work through the Yahoo world if the image is attached at the end of the message or not. If there is an image (one that I do own the copyright just to play within the rules) then the “magic” still works. But this response is a private message not via Yahoo… so… enjoy the photo.


As I understand it, the reason why Yahoo demands that a photo be approved for copyright ownership is for Yahoo to satisfy federal copyright laws. When the message “owner”  agrees that they own copyright, the Yahoo group “owner” passes copyright responsibility to the message owner.

If a message "owner" displays a photo without copyright ownership, the message "owner" is in violation of federal copyright law even in a "private" environment. The key is "display". If message "owners" were able to display photos without group ownership [ and verification of copyright ownership ], the STMFC would cease to display photos.


Mike Brock






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