Re: What Class Boxcar Was This UP Caboose Converted From?

Greg Martin

Thanks Jeff,
Kind of a shame that they were relegated to work service so quickly.
I wonder if anyone has taken the time to really focus on a good kitbash or scratch-bash of it? I don't think a scratch-bash would be that hard.
Eventually all things merge into one and a river runs through it.
Norman Maclean
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                You asked, “I wonder how long they lasted before going into MW services? Beautiful example of a rebuild.”

                The caboose in question was built as a temporary caboose: “In 1947 and 1951-52, traffic levels again reached high levels, and Union Pacific again found that it didn't have sufficient cabooses for road service.” 

“With the arrival of 100 new CA-5 steel cabooses in 1952, this … group of 71 temporary cabooses was re-assigned to maintenance-of-way service as Boarding-Bunk cars.”

-Cabooses of the Union Pacific Railroad by Don Strack and James L. Ehrenberger p78.



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