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Bob the car was owned by Union Refrigerator Transit, not anyone else. URTC was a major supplier of leased reefers, that was their business. If it was a long term lease, as in the Milwaukee from 1950 to 1962, long term leases often called for the cars to be painted for the lessee. Other leases could be much shorter, some as short as a month or two, when a shipper was short cars or a crop was being harvested. A short term lease car would wear a standard URTX p/l scheme. So yes the car could have been leased to many different users through its life. It would also be repainted, renumbered, even repaired or modified by URTC to meet the demands of the lessee


The 1953 ORER shows no Milwaukee reefers, of any kind. And it shows URTC 67806 in 1953 was a 37’ RSM reefer, probably a wood car.

The 1960 ORER shows URTC 67806 was a 43’ RSM. Which indicates URTC renumbered or replaced cars.

Photos of 67000 series cars can be seen in Gene Green’s Color Refrigerator Car book, which look similar to the photo you linked.


RS is the AAR Car Code to indicate it was a bunker refrigerator car equipped with ice bunkers. Designed primarily for use of chunk ice and with or without means of ventilation.

RSM was a RS equipped with meat rails.

RS cars could be used to transport meat and packing house products, esp boxed or canned PHP. The meat rails merely means the car was equipped for hanging meat, ie carcasses.


RA Brine-Tank refrigerator. Equipped with insulation and brine-tanks. Designed primarily for the combined use of crushed ice and salt and usually without ventilating devices. Used chiefly for meats and packing-house products.

RAM was a Brine-Tank car with meat rails.


There is nothing in the AAR codes that designates a reefer as a produce reefer.



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The information below is from the Railway & Locomotive Historical Society/Southern California Chapter's Rail Giant's website (


This particular car was leased to multiple owners over its lifetime. I wonder how common this was for similar cars. The information seems to imply that the car was not always a RSM class refrigerator car so perhaps it was a class RS (produce reefer) at one time before the meat rails were installed.


From the website:


The Union Refrigerator Transit Line operated this car which was built by the General American Transportation Corporation in 1950. The car carried the CMStP&P herald (Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Railroad) until 1962 when the car was reclassed as "RSM" with meat rails and a large sliding door replaced the original hinged doors. The car received a new yellow paint job and a large "OSCAR MAYER" logo. A year later the car was repainted the Hiawatha Orange, numbered URTX 67806 and assigned to the "CUDAHY" Packing Company. Its final service was to the "SWIFT" Company and was donated to the Chapter in 1991.


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