Re: Early ATSF Mechanical Reefer Models - What Do You Want?

Tim O'Connor

  > If you were to propose that a manufacturer invest in the tooling and production of a first generation
    > Santa Fe mechanical refrigerator car, which class would you suggest?

Bob my suggestion would be the Rr-54 - They were delivered in 1953, and wore at least 3, maybe 4, different
paint schemes over the years. Reporting marks changed over the years as well. The Rr-56 came a couple years
later and looked pretty much the same, but had 1 fewer paint schemes. Both classes initially wore the names
of passenger trains (Super Chief or El Capitan) on one side, and S&T on the other side.

None of them existed in large numbers!! I think there were 30 Rr-54's and about 150 Rr-56's.

The -54 and -56 had roller bearings with CAPS rather than the rotating bearings that are universal today. This
gave the trucks a very distinctive look. The manufacturer should know that they might have to tool a new truck!

One thing that makes the Santa Fe reefers more interesting is that they were 2 ft to 3 ft longer than 50 foot PFE
reefers! Of course my personal preference would be a 40 or 50 foot PFE mechanical reefer. PFE had 500 of the
40 foot R-40-30's.

I tried talking Martin Lofton into doing an early mechanical reefer, but no, too modern for him. :-(

Tim O'Connor

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