Re: Early ATSF Mechanical Reefer Models - What Do You Want?

Tim O'Connor

  > I model the early 1960s. The other class that attracts my attention is Rr-69 with 500 built in 1961.
  > Posted by: "Gary Green"

Obviously the Rr-69 is post-STMFC. Nevertheless, a manufacturer might want to
consider it because many, if not all, of these cars were REBUILT as box cars
(Bx-195 class) - so a clever manufacturer might be able to get two freight car
models for only slightly higher investment, and could sell them to 1961 up to
the late 1990's if not later - A much longer time span than the early reefers.

And like the other SF reefers, these cars were LONGER than 50 feet but shorter
than 57 feet (the most popular sizes) which makes them visually more distinctive.

Tim O'Connor

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