Re: URTX 67806 (Meat Reefer)


I looked in the photos I have for a similar URTX reefers and cannot find any. Reefer similar to this one were probably built new in the 1950s with 3-3 dart naught ends and horizontal side seams and Duryea underframes and poorly modeled by Walthers ~20 years ago. However, URTX 67806 doesn't appear to have a Duryea underframe.

URTX 67806 could a rebuild of their "standard" 40-ft wood reefer with steel underframes. Many received replacement steel ends and roofs and some received sliding doors, but 67806 may have received a new all-steel superstructure dropped on a re-enforced underframe.

The car fleet for URTX maybe as complicated as that for the FGE and companies. I will be interested in what others can share.

Bob Witt

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