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I looked in the photos I have for a similar URTX reefers and cannot find any. Reefer similar to this one were probably built new in the 1950s with 3-3 dart naught ends and horizontal side seams and Duryea underframes and poorly modeled by Walthers ~20 years ago. However, URTX 67806 doesn't appear to have a Duryea underframe.

The Illinois Railway Museum has these cars on the property: URTX 66219, 66221, 66234, and 66244, all of which appear to match the car we are talking about. Their roster claims they were built bu General American in 1954. Some still show visages of the Oscar Meyer logo. These cars are not part of the collection, but were acquired as parts storage space. More info here:

Dennis Storzek

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