Re: Early ATSF Mechanical Reefer Models - What Do You Want?

charles slater

Bob some of the Rr-56 cars went into M of W service also, I forgot to mention that on my last E-mail. Also I have many photos of these cars. 

Charlie Slater 

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I have a friend who is in the product development group at a major model manufacture. For many years I have been asking him (Read: begging) for a first generation mechanical refrigerator car.


This week he finally asked me what I would propose for an HO scale model (and possibly one in N scale as well). My personal preference is an Rr-56, however, I only speak for myself.


If you were to propose that a manufacturer invest in the tooling and production of a first generation Santa Fe mechanical refrigerator car, which class would you suggest?


Keep in mind, a manufacturer wants to be able to produce cars that would sell based on the number of prototypes built, paint scheme variations and re-numberings that would allow for multiple production runs over the years.


In the case of mechanical reefers, later conversions to insulated boxcars and MOW service also are positive factors.


So, what are your candidate mechanical reefers (Santa Fe ONLY) and why? And I assume most everyone on this group wants separately applied details or a design that makes such upgrades relatively easy.




Bob Chaparro

Hemet, CA

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