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There were two different types of cars built by GA in 1954. A fairly large order of 15000 series cars for Swift which were meant to replace the little red wooden cars and had a similar IL of 29" and change. There was a smaller lot of forty foot plus cars built for URTX with plug doors. Almost all of the post WW2 GA cars I have seen at museums have had the tabbed side sills replaced with a full length side sill. 

Roger Hinman

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Dennis those all appear to be significantly different looking rebuilds than
this car - and I could be wrong but they all appear to be 36 foot cars! (I know
the web site says they are 40 feet long but they sure don't look like it to me.
Maybe an optical illusion because the doors aren't as tall?)

I sent Bob Witt a photo of URTX 63648, a Dubuque meat reefer that appears to
be identical to URTX 67806 except that 63648 has side sill tabs. The draft gear
on both cars appears to extend out from the end sill - just as it would on any
car with a Duryea underframe.

Tim O'

I looked in the photos I have for a similar URTX reefers and cannot find any. Reefer similar to this one were probably built new in the 1950s with 3-3 dart naught ends and horizontal side seams and Duryea underframes and poorly modeled by Walthers ~20 years ago. However, URTX 67806 doesn't appear to have a Duryea underframe.

The Illinois Railway Museum has these cars on the property: URTX 66219, 66221, 66234, and 66244, all of which appear to match the car we are talking about. Their roster claims they were built bu General American in 1954. Some still show visages of the Oscar Meyer logo. These cars are not part of the collection, but were acquired as parts storage space. More info here:

Dennis Storzek

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