Pressure regulators for airbrushing

Andy Carlson

Back in the 1980s I acquired a 20 pound CO2 bottle and a Badger single gauge regulator. I am 100% satisfied with the whole unit's operation, and I am impressed at the simplicity and ease to set the operating pressure.

I have recently acquired acquired another 20 pound CO2 bottle and a different make of regulator. This regulator has 2 gauges--one for bottle pressure (0-3000 PSI) and a 2nd gauge for the regulated output pressure of 0-300 PSI.

I am reminded of the old days of a 9000 RPM tachometer in a car with 5000 RPM shift points. The usable range of RPMs is but a portion of the tach face, making small increments harder to read. With the 2nd pressure regulator, the range in which I would use is 15-30 PSI, but the sweep area for that is difficult to ascertain as that range is just 1/4 " travel of the gauge's dial.

My question for those whom may be able to help is this: Do I just need another down-stream gauge for the regulator, or am I not using the correct regulator for my application. I wish to give this 2nd CO2 outfit to a long-time friend and would like him to be able to jump right in without any difficulties.

-Andy Carlson
Ojai CA

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