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I've been using CO2 tanks for at least 10 years now; the initial cost was around $200 for the regulator and valves, but the recurring cost is around $20-30 a tank. My local dealer takes in the empty one and gives me a full tank. I'm not a full time painter and I get a couple of years or more out of a tank.

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since we know each other personally, and are local to one another, may I start an offshoot of this thread with you. And I seem to recall you had a background of dealing with numbers so....
    Could you state in general terms, the cost (minus the airbrush since those are personal choices) of the set up for a compressed air arrangement. Others can chime in also, please.

Set the cost long term say over five years so the tank pressure test costs can be rolled in.  
                                                                                                             TIA, Jim Dick - St. Paul

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