Re: Pressure regulators for airbrushing.2


Jim I know 1999 was the year of purchase for my first tank and regulator; however, as for price I have to go on memory as I can not find purchase price in my records. I am guessing around $175 for a five pound bottle, regulator, and fittings to fit air brush hose. As you remove the regulator ( mine reads 0-60 psi ) when you take the tank in for refill or exchange I still have the original regulator. The tank once empty has been refilled or exchanged for a new one when it no longer met pressure test specs. If tank exchanged I would ask for a clean tank which I was always able to obtain. As for tank refill price I have records that show I paid $ 9.71 for my first refill in 1999 and $25.00 for my last in 2016.
Lester Breuer

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