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The whole point of set is to have the teeth cut a slot that is wider than the body of the blade.  This will minimize rubbing the surface of the cut.  And thus lessen heat generated by the friction.  Which would melt plastic.

So, I'm at a loss that you are proposing a blade with no set, which will then allow the face of the blade to rub on the plastic.  And cause it to melt.  From the ensuing friction.  And, in addition, provide more surface for the plastic to "grab".

Am I missing something here?

Set provides clearance, but typically the way the teeth are ground on cheap blades yield a rough cut surface. What Randy is proposing is a smooth side blade, that runs slowly enough (note he mentions a speed control) that it doesn't generate enough heat to melt the plastic. I tend to agree. IF your set-up is rigid enough a blade with zero set should pass through the kerf without rubbing... but that seldom happens, since the plastic parts tend to wiggle around as they heat up. The key is to keep the heat out of the work.

Dennis Storzek

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