Shipper's Car Line (SHPX) Covered Hopper

Jim Betz


  What products would have been shipped in an SHPX 2-bay covered


  I typically associate such cars as "cement hoppers" which were usually

relatively short haul products (200 miles - or less) and were typically

RR owned cars such as SP, WP, GN, etc.  However I take note of the

fact that my experience with/knowledge of cement hoppers is primarily

for the West Coast.

  If this car (Intermountain makes them and yes they were produced

before the cut off date of this list).  

  I'm speculating in my head that perhaps RR owned cement hoppers

weren't "the rule rather than the exception" on the East Coast and so

having marks such as SHPX was actually quite common in that

part of the country?

                                                                                    - Jim B.

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