Re: Work bench/table height?

Jack Burgess



I have my workbench at 30” above the floor which is fine for some work like weathering. But I lower my chair 4” when cutting and assembling models. Custom jewelry makers have their workbenches  at 39” or so for the same reason (rather than lowering their chairs).


Jack Burgess


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  I'm going to move/rebuild/redefine my workbench.  Is there some kind of 'standard'

for how high a workbench surface should be relative to either the height of the chair

you are sitting on or the height of your elbow?

  Although this topic is off topic - I do intend to use the new workspace to build 

steam era freight cars ... is that good enough for the moderator?  (Yes, that's a

real question and I will "take it somewhere else" if the moderator says "not

here, please".

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