Re: Work bench/table height?

Schuyler Larrabee

I have two benches. One is the usual 30” height, and is where I work on detail things, decaling, weathering, and it’s also where my computer screens are, with a pull-out slide for the keyboard. I began developing carpal tunnel issues and the pull-out slide ended that pretty quickly. Your forearms should be level from your elbow to the keyboard when typing.

The other bench is 38” high, and has a Panavise mounted on it. This is where I do more heavy work, sawing and carving and filing things. I also have a miniature drill press, and when I’m using that, I set it up on that bench. Dirty work, with dust or filings and so on I do there, because the plastic laminate top abets cleanup considerably.

You warded off issues of lighting, but I’m going to offer this anyway: I have Luxo lamps, the adjustable arm incandescent (changing to LED) lamps. I have three on the low desk, two on the tall desk, all with 100W (or equivalent) lamps in them. I move them all around all the time, to get a LOT of light on whatever I’m working on.

Oh, yeah, I also have another desk, normal 30” height, which is where I do oversize projects, like the 6’ long trolley track loop I built for my model railroad club. But that’s generally covered with “stuff.” Fancy term would be my staging area.


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I'm going to move/rebuild/redefine my workbench. Is there some kind of 'standard'

for how high a workbench surface should be relative to either the height of the chair

you are sitting on or the height of your elbow?

Although this topic is off topic - I do intend to use the new workspace to build

steam era freight cars ... is that good enough for the moderator? (Yes, that's a

real question and I will "take it somewhere else" if the moderator says "not

here, please".

===> Although some of you will be tempted to discuss "related topics" to

my question such as lighting, size, tools, storage methods, etc.

I am not really interested in answers of that type and politely request

that you not reply to this post with those answers (start your own

off topic, please).

- Jim B.

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