Re: Work bench/table height?

Eric Bergh

My bench top is 30" with a chair height of 19"... but I have a pullout tray at 27"h using a pair of keyboard suspensions that lock open at 14-1/2' extended. The tray is actually an inexpensive cork bulletin board that I use to lay down drawings/templates with wax paper, for glue ups, etc and for light cutting etc. While things are drying, they can slide back underneath the formica countertop. For close work I do have a small 4" raised stand that I set out on top of the countertop. Here is a poor iPhone pic w/ relative dimensions, I hope:


BTW, my modules-in-progress are above the bench - bottom is 50"h, Railtop = 57". I am 6'-4", at least in the morning...


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