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The Dremel 580 Table Saw Blades & Accessory Replacements

Ed & Others,

The Dremel saws are readily available used on ebay.

Slotting saws - ground round, flat and no set. As a result, you can push them too hard and overheat them. Common sense applies. These are precision tools, not framing blades for a chop saw. 
4" slotting saw, .025", 300 tooth blade
4" slotting saw, .032", 220 tooth blade

Carbide blade - the only one I have personal experience still available is the Japanese manufactured 4" 40 tooth carbide blade from Micro-Mark. Be wary of cheap blades, carbide blades can throw the carbide tips, the cheaper the quicker.

Aftermarket manufacturers now offer great accessories for the Dremel saw. Originally, I improved the original miter gauge by adding a Lexan fence and added a piece of molding to the fence. I clamp the fence at the rear of the table with a "C" clamp. All of this was after using a dial indicator, machinist square and steel rule to align the blade perpendicular to the table top and then aligning the blade/arbor/motor assembly perpendicular to the miter gauge slots, IF you can. You need to check that the fence is parallel to the blade infeed and outfeed. I run the saw most often close to max height. 80% of what I normally cut is a 90 so my machinist square gets used for every set-up. 

You will find 2 ebay sellers that offer Dremel saw replacement accessories.
aclrails1965 offers fence, miter gauge, sled and backplate with dust collection. Fence and miter gauge are nice stuff.

back plate with dust collection

adjustable rip fence

replacement aluminum throat plate blanks are no longer available
use styrene to make your own filler for the Dremel throat plate. Don't be afraid to flatten the original throat plate high spots with a hammer. Dremel's punch press quality wasn't so hot.

Speed control - about 1/3 - 1/2 speed, depends on material and thickness
Dremel model 219 or any other universal motor speed controller. A good dimmer switch will work.

Watch some youtube table saw tuneup videos or get a tablesaw tuneup book. You can apply most techniques to the Dremel saw.

Some might opine that after spending all this money why not spend more and buy a Byrnes?  The Byrnes is a very nice saw. The Dremel will cut thicker material. You decide, what are my goals? I am very fortunate to have the Dremel, Micro-Mark tilt arbor and the Byrnes, the last 2 bought used off ebay after selling some never-to-be-used kits. I use the Dremel the most. Don't know why, just do.

This will get you started.

Randy Danniel

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