Re: using blue flags

Jim Betz

Tony (and all),

I know of one layout that has modeled one of the permanent
(fold up) blue flags ... in the laying down position between the
rails. (I don't believe it can be raised but at least it is nice
"eye candy".

Seth Neumann uses blue flags to limit tracks available to his
Nummi plant switching jobs ... he places them and removes
them during the Op. Seth's Nummi job is run as a series of
jobs where each job works one of the areas of his enormous
Nummi plant ... there are Nummi 1 thru Nummi 4 before it
repeats. I believe that Seth leaves the status of the Nummi
job alone across sessions so if this session only finishes 2 of
the 4 the next session starts with Nummi 3. Some times the
same person does more than one Nummi job, sometimes not.

It occurs to me that you should paint both sides of the blue
flag blue rather than have one side grey ... that way your
operators can see it no matter where they are standing or
how square it is with the rails.
- Jim B.

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