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Bruce Smith


Richard Hendrickson worked with BLI on these cars, and for a post-WWII NYC car, I believe that they are very accurate.  I think most of our past discussion focused on the roofs and metal running boards for cars that might be backdated. I looked at some of the past threads and I can’t find any that found real faults.  You mention the roof.  Richard indicated that 90% of the cars had the 7/8 ends so that seems a good “fleet” choice ;)

Note that you can search the archives to find the discussions, although Yehaw doesn’t make it easy.



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I have done a bit of work on a BLI NYC steel box car with 7/8 ends and seem to recall past remarks in this group on the "troubles" with these cars.  I know NYC did many rebuilds of these with new roofs and running boards, but apart from being unable to match a specific BLI road number with the "proper" roof or running board for a specific period, what are the most egregious details on the out-of-box model that need to be corrected?

Thanks, in advance, for any help.

Michael Gross

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