Delano pic of Super Chief in Alburque 1943 - was Blue Flags

Jim Betz


I started to count RR personnel and quickly got up to 20 ... before
I got into trying to separate the RR people from the crush of
war time passengers. Caption says "5 minutes" for this stop.
I suspect that the amount of time the RR guys spent both before
and after the 5 minutes of the stop itself was in the order of at
least an hour per person (average).
It was all about "Service" with a capital S in those days.
- Jim B.

P.S. And those blue flags "protecting" the train were pretty darn
hard to see in this pic. They pretty much were a dark, dingy
blue and didn't stand out as even being much different from
the brown/dark grey of the background. I'm sure they
worked for the RR - and stopped any one attempting to
move the train or tank car ... I'm just saying they weren't
all that easy to see.

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