Freight Car Roofs

Jim Betz


  So I'm sitting here staring - again - at the following image ...

and (this time) I was focusing (again) on weathering on the car roofs in

the lower left quadrant.  And especially on the first car past/above the

one with the farm equipment and the partial roof of the car in the lower

right corner.

  Can someone explain the white spots on the first car I mentioned above?

It looks to me like seagull crap.  But I'm at a loss to explain -where- the

droppings occurred ... they aren't near enough to the edge to make sense

to me.  And there aren't any on the roof walk.  And yet they seem to be

"lined up along the edge and pretty much at the same distance from the

edge.  How is that possible?  (I grew up where seagulls were common 

and I've been 'observing' them and their behaviors for a long time.)  I

can't even explain them landing on a freight car easily.  I guess they

might land on a car spotted on a wharf ... but that far from the edge?

  I love the look of the partial car in the bottom right corner.  Anyone out 

there have methods they think resembles that car's roof?  Share?  Or

should I just ask this on "Weathering".

                                                                                         - Jim B.


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