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Dennis Storzek

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  So I'm sitting here staring - again - at the following image ...

and (this time) I was focusing (again) on weathering on the car roofs in

the lower left quadrant.  And especially on the first car past/above the

one with the farm equipment and the partial roof of the car in the lower

right corner.

  Can someone explain the white spots on the first car I mentioned above?

It looks to me like seagull crap...


It's either bird droppings, or some sort of powder leaking from a pipe; either way, it only happens in one specific place. Note the other end of the car has the same thing, diagonally opposite, but those blotches are more weathered and spread out further. It would appear the car has made multiple trips to the place where it is picking up this material, turning end-for-end in the process.

Dennis Storzek

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