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Hi Bob and List Members,

Especially interesting to me is that one of the images is a drawing for a poultry car - see link below.

Unfortunately, the resolution is not sufficient to read any of the text. Anyone know where the image might have come from? Is this
diagram from a CBD or TSC that anyone recognizes right off?

Claus Schlund

    My money says it IS out of a CBC based upon the way it is presented. BUT, I have a 1919 CBC and it is not in there so I suspect the 1916 or the 1912 issue. The 1919 issue does offer a photo of Live Poultry Transportation Co. #732 on page #348 but it is constructed differently and appears to be a steel underframe car. The truss rods shown clearly in the drawing are not present in the CBC photo.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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