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Claus Schlund \(HGM\)

Thanks Don for your thoughts and research.

I checked the 1916 CBD, and it also has a builder's image of Live Poultry Transportation 732.

I checked the 1912 CBD, and it also has a builder's image of Live Poultry Transportation 732, also Live Poultry Transportation 500 (a 36ft car without truss rods), American Poultry Car Co 101 (a 36ft car with truss rods), and a car built by Milwaukee Refrigerator Transit & Car Co.

I checked the 1895 CBD, and it has a builder's image of Live Poultry Transportation 121 (a 33ft 10in car with truss rods) that looks like it might be similar to the type represented in the drawing but not an exact match.

I'm wondering if the drawing might be from a trade periodical of the time, and not from a CBD.

Claus Schlund

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Hi Bob and List Members,

Especially interesting to me is that one of the images is a drawing for a poultry car - see link below.

Unfortunately, the resolution is not sufficient to read any of the text. Anyone know where the image might have come from? Is this
diagram from a CBD or TSC that anyone recognizes right off?

Claus Schlund

My money says it IS out of a CBC based upon the way it is presented. BUT, I have a 1919 CBC and it is not in there so I suspect the 1916 or the 1912 issue. The 1919 issue does offer a photo of Live Poultry Transportation Co. #732 on page #348 but it is constructed differently and appears to be a steel underframe car. The truss rods shown clearly in the drawing are not present in the CBC photo.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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