Re: Don't be chicken


Ed Ambroid did have a wood kit ( a box of sticks as the RTR crowd calls them ) for a combination reefer poultry car which in ORER had a class of SPR.   The combination reefer, one side reefer and one side poultry cages, used  to carry cheese and eggs to community or pick-up eggs and poultry for market.  YE Old Huff and Puff had a wood kit for a poultry car, poultry cages on both sides of the attendant area.  I have built one for a friend.  I have built the Ambroid combination reefer and have it in service on my railroad.  I could post a quick photo on "resinfreightcars" website or send you a photo of it if you are interested.   Otherwise if you google poulty cars you can find images of the built Ambroid.   Finally if there was a Mainline kit I have never seen one.
Lester Breuer

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