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Overland also made a brass model in HO. Having seen the real thing in St. Louis and having studied a lot of photos, the models don’t do them justice. It is very difficult to model all of the internal racks that support the individual cages of birds.



 Your comment pose a question, Steve. You state, " internal racks that support the individual cages of birds".  Were these individual cages the standard "chicken crate" I'm thinking of that were roughly 3 ft. x 

4 ft. x 1 1/2 ft. made from wood dowels and flat stock with a pivoting panel that opened in the middle of the top? That would make sense as opposed to trying to bring chickens into of off of the car for loading 

or unloading. I have a photo that Phil Hastings took back in the 1940's here of a Livesay Poultry Car

near the station just across the Connecticut River in Woodsville, NH but was never sure whether the

layered cages on the car were actually the common crates or not.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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