Re: Real wood roof walks

Jim Betz


Watch this space in about 2 to 3 weeks time. I'm working with a supplier
to get some wood strips in 1"x6"x16 foot lengths that I intend to work
thru how to 'pre-color' them before assembly and installation, how to
install them, and methods for post installation changes such as "final
weathering". My basic idea will be to start with several piles of boards
that are different shades of color ... build up a roof walk (hopefully with
the laterals attached) on the bench, and then finally to install them on
the car.
I may even provide 'kits' of boards to be used (I'm ordering a LOT of
them). I work in HO ... sorry to the guys who are in alternative scales.

I'm not opposed to doing roof walks with materials other than real
wood. But my experience is that the effects I'm going for (remember
the pic I provided a link to) are difficult at best and possibly even
nearly impossible to do if you are starting with a built up roof walk.
By "my experience" above I'm referring to the work I've done to do
the boards on a flat car - both in styrene and in scale wood ... and
those done in wood look a lot better than anything I've been able
to accomplish with "paint on styrene".
- Jim B.

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